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Oracabessa, with its stunning natural beauty and friendly local population, is one of Jamaica's best kept secrets. In spite of starring in major motion pictures, being written about in songs, and being the inspiration for some of the world's greatest artists, very few people know about this jewel of the North Coast. Far from the maddening crowds and large all-inclusive hotel chains, Oracabessa is an oasis in an oasis. With the most luxurious hotel on the island (Golden Eye), and the most spectacular villa (Golden Clouds), a vacation in Oracabessa is a truly memorable experience.

Oracabessa has been host to countless celebrities over the years, and its most famous resident was Bob Marley, who owned the Golden Eye estate in the 1970s. Golden Eye's neighbour, Golden Clouds, has a long list of famous guests who have been frequenting the estate for over 100 years. One of Golden Clouds earliest guests was Charlie Chaplin, who referred to it as "like no place on earth, simply paradise". These two legendary properties are a major part of Oracabessa's history and international reputation.

Jamaica's newest airport, Ian Fleming International Airport, is located 2 miles from Oracabessa, and many private jets use this airport when staying at Golden Eye and Golden Clouds. Oracabessa is also home to the legendary James Bond Beach, which has played host to International concerts, festivals, and awards ceremonies.